Noodle and Her Cart Life



How it All Started

December 25th 2017

Noodster Scootster is a blog site for Noodle who is a rescue puppy that happens to be paralyzed. Bree and Kyle, the happy pup parents, adopted her in December 2017 after hearing about her through social media and local Seattle news. She was brought to the Everett Animal Shelter as a stray. Her injury is believed to be due to trauma though we have no details.

Regardless of her injury, Noddle is a happy and active puppy. This blog is designed to follow her journeys in the Pacific Northwest and more. We hope to capture her activities, daily adventures and our hope at some possible recovery.

Kyle and Bree are both Physical Therapists and hope to guide Noodle through her rehab and make sure that regardless of her mobility she has all the fun a dog should have. Her older sibling dog, Sampson, just hopes she gets through the puppy stage fast and stops pulling his beard.




Noodle is accepting donations through the link above. These funds will continue to assist Noodle with her rehab costs, vet bills, and needed assistive device equipment for mobility.