Noodle and Her Cart Life


Happy New Year


Noodle has been with our family only 3 short weeks. We are ringing in 2018 with the dogs and friends today. Here are 10 things Noodle we has learned Noodle and she has taught us...

10. She is all puppy. Chew, chew, play, chew, sleep.

9. She loves food. Its her heaven.

8. She snores. Loudly!

7. If she twitches those back legs she either needs to go number 1 or 2...STAT!

6. She does not like the cold.

5. Sampson's beard is great for biting.

4. She can already find her home when out for a walk.

3. Sleeping next to our bed is WAY better than sleeping in a crate

2. Meeting new friends is her Jam!

1. Paralyzed legs or not, life is worth living every moment.

HAPPY 2018!

Bree CorbinComment