Noodle and Her Cart Life


Rehab Goals and Donations

Noodle is settling in over the last month. We are getting into a rhythm of her care at home which includes plenty of walks, tug of war and "scootin". One of our main goals was to provide Noodle with every opportunity to rehabilitate and/or compensate for her impairments to live a full life every dog deserves.

As physical therapists we knew our options for recovery would be limited when we adopted her with the diagnosis of a spinal cord injruy (SCI). She has not yet recieved a spinal MRI which would solidify if her spinal cord injury is complete or incomplete. Just like humans, if the injury is "complete" our rehab goals would be compensatory strategies to help her be happy, have fun doing dog things, and most importantly stay healthy. 


Working on learning exercises to do to help with muscle mass, joint health and functional mobility.

If her spinal cord injury is incomplete, then there is a chance at some recovery and functional rehabilitation. We would continue to push her therapy in a recovery mode to hopefully ambulate/walk again without the help of her scooter.

We have recently meet with Caitlin at Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Wa. She is a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner aka a physical therapist for animals. She taught us so much about what to do for Noodle with regards to muscle mass, range of motion and assistive devices. We hope to continue working with Caitlin and her student Hailey for assistance as Noodle grows big and strong.

We have started a Go Fund Me Account with the initial goal of obtaining an MRI which can cost in the thousands.  Any donations, shares of the page, and good thoughts are so appreciated. Follow the menu to "Donations" to view her Go Fund Me account. We will be making donations back to the Everett Animal Shelter that first rescued Noodle.


Bree Corbin