Noodle and Her Cart Life


King 5, New Day NW Show

Several weeks ago we were asked to appear with the Everett Animal Shelter on King 5 New Day NW show. They had been covering and following Noodle since being at Everett Animal Shelter. Kyle and I were petrified but Noodle was ready to roll, literally!

We arrived in Seattle Monday morning to the studio. A sweet man opened the side door for Noodle since she couldn't go through the revolving door and gave a warm greeting to our little Noodster.

We were met by several staff members and producers for the show who prepped us for the show. While waiting for our turn on the set, multiple King 5 staff members would come out of the elevator and say "Where is Noodle? We heard she is here and came down to meet her."

We were escorted onto the set after some face powdering, mic attachment and instructions to not look at all the cameras and video. Margaret joined us on the couch chatting casually. Mid conversation the audience started clapping. Kyle and I must have looked at Margaret with huge, fearful eyes because she said "yep here we go..."

Noodle was more interested in the smells of the carpet than the people and cameras. We were given a great opportunity to talk about Noodle and the reasons we adopted her. 

Of course after the show this got me to thinking about one of Margaret's questions, "Why Noodle? What made you want to adopt her?" Kyle and I work with people who face mobility challenges, small and large. People's morale, motivation and hopes vary and can waver significantly. When we met Noodle, we saw a soul that despite her mobility difficulties, her morale, motivation and lease on life stays unwaveringly positive. Is this not the beauty of dogs? We think we are rescuing an animal but in reality they rescue us. We hope one day to use Noodle in therapy sessions to encourage people.

Noodle had an opportunity to meet one of my patients recently. I was nervous about how an individual would take to an animal with similar disabilities. The moment was perfect though. Animals can inspire and encourage us in so many ways. We hope Noodle continues to have opportunities to meet people and audiences. She has the power to encourage humans in ways that only an innocent animal can.

If you have a moment, watch Noodle's news clip:

Bree Corbin