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Outreach and Support

Noodle and her humans have been learning all about rescue societies, not-for-profits and grassroots outreach. As Noodle’s human and a healthcare provider, I have been impressed with the social media outreach for dogs and humans alike with neurological inquiries. I was never one to be on social media other than the casual pursuing on Facebook, which is how we landed Noodle as our newest family member. There is so much support through the power of social media. Social media is a virtual support group for anyone’s healthcare needs.

As a physical therapist, I encourage humans to use social media to connect with and learn about support systems in their communities and internationally. As Noodle’s owner, the dog world support has been overwhelming and extremely welcoming. Before we even adopted Noodle, I had the benefit of researching what was available for education, outreach and support for a dog with disabilities. Most injuries to humans and dogs alike, occur suddenly. Often this can leave us feeling isolated, alone and downright lost. If there is power in numbers, then humans and dogs with disabilities should never have feelings of loneliness. We are strong and we can find happiness.

With Noodle, I have learned about and spoken to so many amazing groups. Joey’s P.A.W. is an association that helps dogs in need obtain prosthetics and wheelchairs through donations. Their mission reads “To help whenever and wherever possible to optimize the quality of life of special needs dogs, focusing on the acquisition of mobility assistance devices (prosthetics and wheels) for them.” Check them out at

The Great Pyrenees Rescue Society is a not-for-profit focused on rehabilitating and placing Great Pyrenees dogs whose lives are in danger to forever homes. Go to Take a gander at their great pups at Recently I learned about a dog named Vida that was looking for her forever home through the Great Pyrenese Rescue. She happened to have a parasitic infection that resulted in paralyzed back legs. Thanks to the dedication of this amazing group and their volunteers she found her home in Oregon.

 Meet Vida. So pretty and now has a forever home!

Meet Vida. So pretty and now has a forever home!

Bialys Foundation,, is a great group whose mission is to sponsor and support “families and rescue organizations who care for pets with special needs, particularly those with mobility issues from paralysis, amputation, neurological or birth defects and other diagnosed ailments.” They raise funds through donations and sales of some really cool apparel.

Locally I have had the opportunity to meet two great causes using social media. On Instagram a rescue dog Bear (@BearNoseBest) and his owner Alice are providing outreach on a creative level. Alice is an author and illustrator living in Seattle, Wa. She is writing a children’s book about the joy of rescue dogs. The novel will feature local rescue dogs and their stories. Educating and passing on the joy of rescuing a dog is so important. Alice and Bear are asking for donations on   for publishing costs. They recently hosted a Rescue Dog Meet Up in Seattle to raise money for publishing costs. This event was fun, social and exciting for Noodle to attend. So much happiness and support for a great cause. Support for their cause can be given at

 Front row seat at Paws for a Beer.

Front row seat at Paws for a Beer.

Paws for a Beer,, is a local business in Bellingham, Wa. Imagine an outdoor/indoor dog park that also serves beer, wine and cider for the humans. Never mind the fact that this family owned business needs to franchise (especially to Skagit County) they also use their voice and social media outreach to sponsor dog rescue nights with other dog rescue society groups in the area.

Our dogs on social media have a loud voice. Some accounts are in the tens of thousands of followers. There are so many animals without a voice. We can all continue to be the voice for those animals by showing our support, standing behind dog rescue and animal needs. The few societies, non-for profits and individuals I've learned about in just the last few months are great examples of this power and inspire us all.

I thank you all for the love of animals that I've seen is all around us and so glad that Noodle can us her voice to hopefully help others, animal and human alike.




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